Each Wednesday, beginning at 10 PM Eastern Time, Artswire member Thomas Bickley hosts a discussion about composing, performing and listening to new music at a realtime interactive Internet site named Diversity University. Tastes and interests vary, but if you've heard of John Cage, John Zorn, Pauline Oliveros or John Tavener or are curious about them, you are welcome to participate. Diversity University, funded in part by Annenberg/CPB grants, is a professional moosupporting a wide range of educational endeavors. At DU host Tom Bickley uses the name tombick.

To reach the Diversity University's virtual campus, telnet to 8888, read the opening screen, enter the command connect guest, and follow the instructions. To reach the New Music Meetings, enter the command @go #6193. Get help with the interactive commands by entering the command help newbie. For more information contact

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