A Chance Operation on 'A Chance Operation'
Gary A. Davis

In 1993 I produced an album called A Chance Operation - The John Cage Tribute. David Tudor was kind enough to participate in this project. The attached WAV file is a collage of soundbites from the various tracks on the album. David's own piece, 'Webworks,' opens and closes the soundbite. This gives a the piece an added touch in that it can be looped for continuous play. The segments used in this piece are as follows and appear in this order:

David Tudor - Webworks
Yoko Ono - Georgia Stone
Larry Austin/Robert Black - ....art is self-alteration is cage is....
Christian Wolff/Roger Zahab - Six Melodies Variation for solo violin
Earle Brown - Three Solos for trumpet from the Concert for Piano and
Jackson Mac Low/Anne Tardos - First Four-Language Word Event
Ken Nordine - A Cage Went in Search of a Bird
Kronos Quartet - Thirty Pieces for String Quartet
Laurie Anderson - Cunningham Stories
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Haiku FM
James Tenney - Ergodos I
John Cale - In Memorian John Cage-Call Waiting
Oregon - Chance/Choice
David Van Tieghem - Living Room Music
Frank Zappa - 4' 33"
Meredith Monk - Aria
Takehisa Kosugi - 75 Letters and Improvisation
Robert Ashley - Factory Preset
New York City
DavidTudor - Webworks

As can be seen from this list, many of these artists would consider themselves close friends of David's. His placement at the beginning and end of this piece is intentional. The placement of the rest is not.